Ptv Sports Biss Key

Daily Update Biss Keys For Ptv Sport Channel In these Days PTV Sports Channel Not Working With Biss Code Or Key Here Is Update Biss Key For PTV Sports.


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Updated April 2013

PTV-SPORTS (105.5°E) Asiasat 3S
4091 V 13333 3/4 (ID: 0004)
Biss Key: 71 D3 A9 CC C7 F6 1E CC

PTV Sports (105.5°E) AsiaSat 3S
4191 V 13333 3/4 (ID:0004)
Biss Key: C3 B9 19 AA E1 05 A9 AA
PTV Sports (105.5°E) Asiasat 3S
4091 V 13333 3/4 (ID:0004)
Biss Key: C2 D2 39 CC 77 E1 A8 CC
PTV K Feed (105.5°E) Asiasat 3S
4106 V 2894 3/4
Biss Key: 00 00 00 00 00 07 86 8D

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